New book presenting a practical approach on design patterns

This book answers questions like: What design pattern should I use? When should i use a design pattern? Why are design patterns needed in software development?

After a year of work, revisions and changes, my first book in paper format is finally available on Amazon

:Design Patterns
Design Patterns – Practical Cards for Beginners

For now the book is in Italian, but I’m working on the English version.
At first I was undecided whether to add the word “beginners” in the subtitle. I said to myself that when you don’t know a subject or don’t know it very much, you are a beginner.

This does not mean that whoever will read the book is an absolute beginner with respect to software development. Perhaps they have never used the patterns or don’t know some of those described in the book.
In my small way, I tend to feel like a beginner. In this way I put myself in the mental condition of being open to accepting new ideas, new opinions and different points of view.
Criticisms, when they are constructive, are worth gold. They allow you to improve and enrich your cultural / professional background.

Writing this book was exhausting. I left full of enthusiasm thinking it would be a walk.
Then I realised that to do things well, and try to transfer their knowledge in a clear and simple way for those who are just a beginner, it was not easy.
Simple isn’t easy. To simplify it is necessary to remove, remove what is superfluous and get to the essential. To do this, you need to know what to remove and what to leave, in order to transfer the message you want to give.

I hope I have succeeded in this task. The greatest satisfaction for me will be to know that the book has been useful for someone to improve their software writing style.

Enjoy the reading.

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