• Mobile Development

    We develop mobile applications. We focus mainly on iOS development for iPhone, iPad and AppleWatch

  • Desktop Apps

    We develop also desktop applications. Cross platform using Qt on Mac, Linux and Windows. Native applications using Swift and Objective-C on macOS.

  • Software Consulting

    We can provide you software consulting on mobile development and participate on projects as developers

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  • New book presenting a practical approach on design patterns

    This book answers questions like: What design pattern should I use? When should i use a design pattern? Why are design patterns needed in software development? After a year of work, revisions and changes, my first book in paper format is finally available on Amazon :Design Patterns – Practical Cards for Beginners For now the […]

  • The 6 habits to improve software development

    The power of a good habit Habits are one of the most powerful things about the human being. These allow us to be super efficient and to perform actions even without thinking about it. Think about when you put your shoes in the morning. Put your right or left first? If you do not know […]

  • The 10 lessons I’ve learned to better communicate in a development team

    Communication is one of the first forms of transmission of information between living beings. In its various forms: oral  and written, it has contributed to the cultural growth of people. In this article, I would like to share the lessons I have learned working in different software development groups. Share your knowledge The first rule […]

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